Blue WhatsApp Plus APK Download

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK Download v10.1 Latest Version (Official)

Blue WhatsApp Plus is an enhanced and modified version of WhatsApp. Developed by using a third party, this modified app gives customers greater functionalities that are no longer available in the legit version

App NameBlue WhatsApp Plus
Latest Version10.1
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MODFor android
DeveloperWhatsApp LLC
Update1 day ago

It operates seamlessly, ensuring a superior messaging experience. The best part is that you can download and install Blue WhatsApp Plus on your Android device absolutely free of charge. This unique WhatsApp mod has gained popularity among users due to its ability to personalize the WhatsApp interface. Additionally, WhatsApp Plus Blue offers exceptional mod features related to privacy, security, PlusThemes, and more. Download Revanced.

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These additional options make the WhatsApp platform more enjoyable and user-friendly. Despite the inclusion of these extra features, the original features of WhatsApp remain accessible. To access the mod options, simply tap on the three dots and select PlusMods. In summary, stock WhatsApp lacks many useful features, which can easily be fulfilled by using a WhatsApp Mod like Blue WhatsApp APK.

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What is the Blue WhatsApp Plus APK?

The Blue WhatsApp Plus APK is an enhanced version of WhatsApp that can be downloaded from the Play Store. This upgraded version of WhatsApp allows you to continue to be at the forefront of conversation and chatting.

Unlike the standard WhatsApp, this modified version comes with a range of additional features.

A talented third-party developer created this remarkable WhatsApp mod after identifying certain limitations in the original app. They had the ingenious idea to offer it as a free download and installation option for Android devices.

Among its several unique features, you can send messages to over one hundred recipients concurrently or share more than 30 images with a single recipient or group.

If you are among the endless people who count numbers on WhatsApp, you may be delighted to learn that a new model has currently been released. This modern-day replacement introduces an interesting feature known as “Blue WhatsApp Plus,” which has acquired fantastic feedback from customers as a result so far. If you are interested in giving it a try, here is how you can do it.

WhatsApp is an essential app that many of us depend on for our mobile devices. We utilize Facebook to engage in conversations about events or outings, exchange photos and videos, communicate with loved ones, and much more. But what if you had the ability to utilize additional features and send animated GIFs alongside your messages? Well, now you can with the introduction of Blue WhatsApp Plus!

This up-to-date model of the messaging app brings forth a plethora of fascinating enhancements that will most likely enhance your average experience.

If you’re looking for a new way to chat with friends, consider trying out the Blue WhatsApp apk. It has unique features that make messaging fun and personalized. It’s worth checking out if you want something different from the usual apps.

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK Download

What is WhatsApp?

A free immediate messaging app for Android and iPhone customers is known as WhatsApp Messenger. Sending textual content messages to men and women or groups of customers is possible. Notably, WhatsApp conversations are performed online. Standard SMS texting, on the other hand, goes through your phone provider.

WhatsApp consists of all the aspects you would assume from a modern-day messaging app within chats, such as the capacity to send and search GIFs, share your location, and ship photos. Apart from its fundamental texting feature, WhatsApp additionally helps with voice calls, video calls, and voice memos. Not to mention all of WhatsApp’s hide features.

Features of Blue WhatsApp Plus APK

Privacy and Security Management

The primary features that attract users to different online chat applications are privacy and security features. Since social media apps are the digital repository for all conversations and memories, everyone wants them to be safe and private.

WhatsApp is all about end-to-end encrypted chat, as everyone is aware. Because of this, it’s the most reliable messaging app. The benefit of using the Blue Whatsapp Plus apk is that you can customize the privacy settings based on who you know. Certain conversations with your contacts can also be made private.

When you receive a message that someone has deleted without you reading it, it can be extremely unsettling. However, all of the deleted chats can be recovered with the Plus version. One more advantage of this feature is that you will be informed if any of your friends choose to remove the message. While audio calls and video chatting are now much better with Blue Whatsapp, the calling experience has still improved. On standard WhatsApp, however, you have to block the user in order to prevent them from calling or messaging you.

Let’s say you’re sick and tired of obnoxious contacts who call you randomly and don’t respect your privacy or schedule. Next, you can choose who can call you using the privacy setting available in the Blue Whatsapp Plus 9.11 apk version. Thus, you are spared from clicking the decline button.

Even when you’re offline, you can still avoid them in real life with the least disturbance. You can maintain an offline status regardless of your internet connection since the Plus version gives you that option. Isn’t this awesome? Those who are introverts or prefer not to interact with their family will find this version of Plus to be an invaluable resource.


The presentation is very important! You can find easier categories of individual chats and group windows in Blue WA Plus. Your eyes feel at ease with the color scheme of the icons and bars.

Furthermore, after downloading themes from the WhatsApp Blue Plus theme collection, you can attach an endless number of them. Along with an exclusive theme customization option, you can also simultaneously apply your favorite themes to multiple accounts. Additionally, if you adore iPhones, you will be pleased to learn that this modified version of WhatsApp allows you to have an iPhone-style theme on an Android phone.

Your choice will affect everything you see in your chat box. The font’s color, style, size, and even the blue tick design are all now customizable.

Status Management

These days, it’s common to share your memories via WhatsApp status updates. There’s never a day or hour that goes by when one of your contacts doesn’t have anything new to share. WhatsApp Stories. Each person has a diverse range of statuses on their contact list. Some upload simple daily photos, mood status updates, or music. Every contact list has a friend whose clever meme-sharing makes us smile.

When you like someone on WhatsApp, you have to message them to request that they send you the shared image or video, which requires you to wait. However, you can download the status straight from Blue WhatsApp Plus apk if you like it. This is thrilling and time-saving, isn’t it? With the Plus apk, you can even download the profile pictures of your contacts, so you can finally say goodbye to the grainy screenshots of your contacts’ profiles that you took while using WhatsApp. Blue WhatsApp’s features never cease to surprise me.

Restore and create a backup in Blue WhatsApp Plus

The majority of us have a ton of valuable data on WhatsApp, and occasionally—like in my case—we lose track of something crucial. Not even standard WhatsApp can ensure our lost data is fully protected.

Blue WhatsApp Download, however, is different from the others in that it is simpler to backup your data and restore it whenever you need to replicate it. As previously stated, WhatsApp has evolved into a virtual repository for memories. We save all of our memories as videos, images, and chats. Over time, WhatsApp loses the ability to store the entire backup file.

You will receive half upon restoration, and the other half is lost forever. With an understanding of the value of all those moments captured in photos and conversations, the Blue WhatsApp Plus APK update version allows you to back up your data with total security and retrieve it whenever you choose.

Key Features in the Latest Version of Blue WhatsApp Plus APK

  • This WhatsApp mod includes an anti-ban feature.
  • You can use both standard WhatsApp and Blue WhatsApp Plus on the same phone.
  • You can still make calls even if you don’t save phone numbers.
  • You can disable calls and personalize Blue WhatsApp as you see fit.
  • The data on your phone is available for others to use.
  • The look and text fonts of the chat can be changed if you are connected to the internet or Wi-Fi.
  • Deleted contacts on your own device can still be used to place calls.
  • We can use your WhatsApp account to access a wide range of media features
  • It provides offline texts on the server automatically and sends them back when you have a dependable internet connection.
  • Blue-colored WhatsApp Plus themes are now available.
  • Get WhatsApp Blue to hide your status and prevent people from seeing that you are online.
  • Unlike its predecessors, Blue WhatsApp Plus does not require pin registration.
  • This messaging app does not require a sign-out, just like the original one.
  • For online chat, you have the option to modify your chat screen.
  • The blue version of the app feels different from other WhatsApp mods that have different themes.
  • Voice memos can be sent via WhatsApp in the same manner as other app modes.
  • The appearance of the home screen is customizable.

How to Download WhatsApp Blue Latest version on Android

Blue WhatsApp is a mod app; downloading it on an Android phone may present challenges. Play Protect, a built-in security feature of the Google Play Store, scans apps that are downloaded from unaffiliated websites. It can now quickly identify changes made to apps and has become a little more complex.

Therefore, it is advised to turn it off for the time being. You can re-enable the security feature after downloading and installing Blue WhatsApp, and everything will be secure.

The instructions for safely downloading WhatsApp Blue Plus on Android are provided below. Pay close attention to them.

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK Download

Step 1: Tap the button below to open the Blue WhatsApp apk download page.

 Step 2: Tap the download icon that shows up next to the Blue WhatsApp file name.

Step 3: Watch for the APK file to be sent to your browser by Mediafire’s server.

Step 4: Click OK to begin downloading Blue WhatsApp after your browser alerts you to the file request.

Step 5: Simply wait for the download to be finished. Completed.

Thus, that’s how you can download this WhatsApp mod for Android without risk. After you’ve downloaded it, follow our instructions to install it correctly and transfer all of your previous WhatsApp chat data to it.

How to Install Blue WhatsApp plus on Android Without losing WhatsApp Chats

Don’t worry if you’re concerned about what will happen to your original WhatsApp conversations once you switch to Blue WhatsApp. because all of your WhatsApp chat data can be transferred there with just one click. The following steps are given below.

  • Turn off Play Protect and make sure your phone is set up to permit the installation of third-party apps from “unknown sources.”
  • Open your browser’s downloads and choose the Blue WhatsApp that you simply downloaded.
  • Press Install and watch for a successful installation.
  • Click Done to close the installer after Blue WhatsApp has finished installing.
  • Open the application from the app drawer.
  • Select “Agree” to proceed.
  • Enter the phone number connected to your WhatsApp account now; however, do not press “Next” simply yet.
  • The option to “Copy WhatsApp data” will be placed at the bottom.
  • After that, just carry out the remaining steps of the standard sign-in procedure, such as entering your name and attaching a profile photo. That is all.

When Blue WhatsApp is done initializing and you are brought to the home screen, you will see all of your WhatsApp conversations, along with all of the messages and media in them.

Screenshots Of Blue WA Plus APK


if you are looking to enhance your WhatsApp enjoy, it is well worth exploring WhatsApp Blue Plus. This modified version of the official WhatsApp Messenger offers a range of unique features alongside the standard messaging apps available on iOS and Android devices. Using this app to have conversations with up to 256 people is a great tool that makes managing big projects easier than before.

If you enjoyed what you saw, we suggest downloading Blue WhatsApp Plus right now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use the Blue WhatsApp Plus Apk?

There’s no possibility of getting banned from the WhatsApp Plus Blue App. The Anti-Ban function is already present. But you can’t depend on an outside app. The most susceptible to online threats are these third-party applications.

Is it possible to use the Blue WhatsApp Plus apk and WhatsApp at the same time?

Indeed, you are able to use both app versions simultaneously. Your initial WhatsApp experience won’t be changed by the Blue Whatsapp Plus 9.11 apk Download.

What is the procedure for updating Blue WhatsApp?

You can upgrade WhatsApp Blue by clicking the “download” option if you believe you have the older versions of the WhatsApp modifications. You can do this to get the most recent version of this mod and begin using the Blue WhatsApp Plus update.