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Whatsapp Plus APK Download 17.70 (Official) Latest Version

WhatsApp Plus APK is the latest & advanced version of WhatsApp with Plus features that you won’t get in the official web version or Play Store version of the app.

App NameWhatsApp Plus APK
Size76 MB
LanguageMulti-Language Support
DeveloperWhatsapp Mods
Last Updated1 day ago

It is a redesigned & rejigged app version that allows you to download WhatsApp statuses and enjoy anonymity on the platform. You will get dozens of themes in its Plus Theme Store and all themes are customizable.

It offers enhanced privacy settings for both the app and all the chats within the app. The app lock feature and DND mode distinguish this plus version from all other Mods. Moreover, it offers a diverse social media circle with WhatsApp channels, increased group limits, and endless community features. Get the APK WhatsApp Plus Ultima Version and redefine your WhatsApp journey with tons of Plus features.

WhatsApp Plus APK Download

Features of WhatsApp Plus

From status download to ghost mode, and DND to theme customization, this app offers tons of features. Let’s explore the Plus features of this app that every WhatsApp user wishes to have.

Diverse Range of Customization

Contrary to the official version of the app this plus version allows you to reframe the interface. You can customize and change different settings, layouts, icons, and other elements of UI.

In-app Themes

There is a built-in theme store in WhatsApp Plus Original. This store offers dozens of themes for the App UI of this plus version. You can pick any theme and can tweak it further as all themes are customizable.

Ghost Mode

To stay anonymous on this platform this plus version includes ghost mode that will disable your presence from chats. It will hide your online status, typing status, recording status, and even blue ticks when you read messages in chats.

Status Download

No need for any additional third-party app for downloading statuses as the built-in status downloader of this plus version can do the job for you. You can download any status of your contacts with 100% anonymity.

Increased Status Sharing

The official version of the app allows 30-second video statuses and short text statuses. But with the WhatsApp Plus App, you can increase this limit. It will allow you to post long videos as your status stories. Moreover, you can also go for an increased text limit for your text status in this plus version of the app.

Anti-Delete Feature

Read all the deleted messages, and access all deleted media files in chats with the anti-delete feature. Moreover, this anti-delete feature will also give you access to deleted statuses and you can even download them.

Enhanced Media Sharing

Share large files with enhanced media quality in this plus version. It allows you to share large files up to 1GB, HD videos, and high-quality images without quality compression.

Chat Privacy Settings

This feature will allow you to customize chat settings for an extreme privacy level. You can enable/disable double & blue ticks. Hide your typing/recording status in conversations. Moreover, it also gives a chat lock to keep every conversation in a protected shield.

Emojis & Stickers

To make your instant messaging more instant and expressive, WhatsApp Plus Azul offers emojis & stickers. You can also add more sticker packs & emoji variants using the Add-ons feature.

Font Styles

Show your personalization & style in conversations and text statuses with fancy font styles. This plus version has hundreds of decorative and fancy text styles for your typing fun.

DND Mode

There is a built-in DND mode in WhatsApp Plus APK. This will turn off the internet supply to only this plus version app and you can still use the Internet for other apps on your Android. It is an ideal asset for those who don’t want any disturbing while working on other apps. You can also take a break from this social media platform for some time while using other stuff on your device.

App Lock

WhatsApp officially offers end-to-end encryption and there are also many privacy features in this plus version. Still, you can protect your app with another layer of protection shield using the app lock feature. The Integrated App lock feature of the WhatsApp Plus App will help you to set password, finger, PIN, or pattern protection for this app.

Alternative App

The plus version given on this app is the perfect MOD of WhatsApp. But if it is not working on your device then you can also go for Blue WhatsApp APK. This Blue WhatsApp Plus version also brings the fully unlocked potential of this platform. You can download status, enjoy anonymity, and personalize your app with Blue WhatsApp APK. Moreover, this blue version also has enhanced media sharing, group limits, status limits, and all other advanced features.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK

If you are tired of the limitations of the official version of the app then it is time to switch to the plus version. On this page, we have the APK WhatsApp Plus Ultima Version for free download. You can use the Download button to get this latest version app and install it on your Android with ease.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK


There are hundreds of WhatsApp Mods and WhatsApp Plus APK emerges as the best one. With complete customization control and dozens of themes, it gives you a personalized UI experience. Matchless privacy features of this version include End-to-end encryption, chat lock, App lock, and advanced chat settings. With ghost mode and unlimited anonymity options, this will help you to stay anonymous. Download WhatsApp Plus v12 APK and give a new look to your social experience on WhatsApp.


Where to find WhatsApp Plus updates?

You can find the latest version and all the updates of this plus version from this website for free.

Can I Download WhatsApp Status with WhatsApp Plus?

Yes, the plus version comes with a “Status Downloader” that helps you to download the video & image statuses of others. The best thing about this plus version status downloader is that it does all download anonymously without revealing your identity.

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